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According to McKinsey, if plastic demand develops according to current trends, by 2030, the amount of global plastic waste will increase from 260 million tons per year in 2016 to 460 million tons per year, raising an already serious environmental problem to a whole new level. At present, the world's annual plastic output exceeds 300 million tons, which brings great convenience to social production and life. At the same time, improper disposal and low recycling rate lead to serious plastic pollution problems. Climate change and carbon neutrality goals are challenging the global plastics industry. The global initiative to eliminate single-use plastic products and changes in consumer preferences have brought unprecedented business challenges and opportunities for the green and low-carbon transformation of the plastics industry and a circular economy. Next-generation plastics will be produced using sustainable materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques to meet new regulations and environmental standards.

The summit will invite executives from government agencies, industry experts, industrial manufacturing, chemical, energy, automobile, daily chemical, medical, electronic appliances, food and beverage and other fields to learn from plastic sustainable policy planning, standards, and the latest developments Situation, corporate practice, circular economy, green packaging, plastic recycling, and low-carbon technology solutions and other hot content to share practical cases, providing valuable information and technical guidance for plastic enterprises in achieving sustainable development and low-carbon transformation planning , so that the industry can more clearly understand the latest trends and challenges in the industry, seize opportunities and respond to adjustments.


  • Development Status and Opportunities of China's Recycled Plastics Industry in 2023
  • Advanced Plastic Additives to Meet the Pressing Need for Sustainable Plastics
  • Innovation and Challenges of Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction Technology in Plastics Industry
  • Digital Transformation Helps Plastics Companies Change Production Processes and Promotes the Development of Circular Economy in the Plastics Industry
  • Practice and Exploration of Packaging Recyclable Design
  • Explore Plastic Sustainability Standards and Certifications
  • How to Create Sustainable Green Toys Using Recycled Plastic
  • Achieving the Goal of "Double Carbon" with Packaging and Technological innovation, Meituan's Achievements and Plans for Plastic and Carbon Reduction
  • Innovation and Application of Renewable Plastics to Create a Zero-carbon Future for the Automotive Supply Chain
  • Application and Trend Prospect of Hydrogen Production Technology from Waste Plastics
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Under the influence of increasingly serious plastic pollution, this conference has collected questionnaires from 15+ industry experts and will focus on hot topics such as sustainable plastics, bio-based plastics, green packaging, circular economy, plastic recycling technology to show participants the status quo of sustainable plastics in China and other countries. And based on the better understanding of the current situation, we together will discuss and explore an innovative development path.
In the past 11 years, we have served more than 430 multinational corporations (more than 65% multinational consumer and industrial brands in China) around 8 industrial areas. We have more than 8 years of experience in organizing conferences on digital supply chain, sustainable development, new energy, digital marketing, and big data.
Participants include CEOs, COOs, CFOs, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors, Heads of departments, Superintendents, Managers, and Stakeholder, etc.
The languages are English and Chinese. The event’s Simultaneous translation includes two channels: English and Chinese.
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