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Who We Are
Casting The Foundation, Setting Sail For ECV
Our founder, Mr Alan Ran, has been engaged in international conference consulting for a long time and witnessed countless conferences being held and closed. For a long time, he noticed that there was a lack of an international communication platform in the market that could allow entrepreneurs, executives and experts around the world to explore business opportunities, share best practices, and establish cooperative relationships together. Alan Ran had the idea of creating an international conference brand with the core concept of "Creating Value, Striving For Excellence", and thus Alan Ran founded ECV, a conference consulting company dedicated to providing high-quality, international networking platforms for entrepreneurs in various industries around the world.
ECV's name implies that we are committed to creating value for our clients and society, and constantly striving for excellence. The "E" stands for We, symbolising our philosophy of always creating value and striving for excellence; the "C" stands for Create, emphasising the importance of innovation and creativity in conference organisation; and the "V" stands for Value, reflecting our commitment to creating value for our clients.
Leading The Trend, ECV's Brilliant Chapter
After years of development, ECV has become a leader in the international conference consulting industry with its global business scope. ECV has a professional and efficient team that strives for excellence in every aspect from conference planning, venue decoration, guest invitation to on-site execution, and is committed to providing excellent conference services to its global clients.
ECV regularly hosts more than 40 high-level online and offline international summits every year in many countries such as Germany, France, Singapore, China, Vietnam, Thailand, UAE, etc. Over the past 10+ years, through in-depth industry insight and good customer relationship management, ECV has successfully organised more than 600+ industry-impacting events, serving most of the Fortune 500 multinationals and international companies.
ECV's Internationalisation Journey In The Future
In the future, ECV will continue to uphold the concept of "Creating Value, Striving For Excellence", continue to forge ahead, cooperate and exchange with internationally renowned brands, introduce advanced conference organising concepts and technical means, and provide customers with more professional, efficient and international conference services.
At the same time, we will also actively pay attention to the development trend of the industry and changes in customer demand, and constantly innovate service modes and product forms. We will meet the challenges and opportunities of the future with a more open and inclusive mindset, and work hand in hand with our customers to create a brilliant future.
Corporate Culture
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We create value for our customers and society, make things perfect, achieve optimal efficiency and constantly strive for excellence.
Social Responsibility
Create Value
The world's top 500 executives participating, share the industry's cutting-edge information, grasp the latest trends.
Win-win Cooperation With Partners
We work together with the partners committed to promoting the development of the industry to win-win cooperation.
Environment and Sustainability
We advocate and promote sustainable development to make the sky bluer, the mountains greener, the water clearer, and the environment better.
Where We Are
1. Room 2505-2507, Unicom International Tower, NO.547, Tianmu RD(West), Jing'an District, Shanghai, China
2. 51 GOLDHILL PLAZA #20-07 SINGAPORE (308900)